Aloe Vera Health Benefits And Nutritional Values

aloe vera

Aloe Vera health benefits and nutritional values includes relieving heartburn, speeding up burn healing, alleviating menstrual pain, reducing inflammation, treating dehydration, detoxifying the body and treating constipation.

Other health benefits includes improving gut health, helping manage diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels, helps alkalinize blood, reduces the risk of cancer, support the immune system, boost health of skin and support dental health.

The Plant Aloe Vera:

The Herb Aloe vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. An evergreen perennial, it originates from the Arabian Peninsula but grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. The species is also used for decorative purposes and grows successfully indoors as a potted plant

Many of the Aloe vera health benefits and nutritional values are contained in the phytochemicals under study for possible bioactivity, such as acetylated mannans, polymannans, anthraquinone C-glycosides, anthrones, other anthraquinones, such as emodin and various lectins and many more.
aloe vera

Aloe Vera Nutritional Values.

Interestingly, the leaves of aloe vera contain a certain amount of water, which brings to this plant a wonderful soothing quality.

In aloe vera gel, we can also find a lot of vitamins and essential minerals that are beneficial for human health, such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B6, potassium, calcium and magnesium.(1)

There are about 18 amino acids found in aloe vera and these amino acids work closely with other essential compounds to constitute the aloe vera health benefits and nutritional values.

Antioxidants in aloe vera are polyphenols which have powerful influence on the prevention against infections.

Aloe Vera Health Benefits.
aloe vera

Boosts Lmmunity:

Anti-oxidants present in aloe juice are found to provide full support to the immunity system which helps in fighting free radicals and environment pollutants throughout the day. This juice also is said to regulate the process in which our body’s immune system works.

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Treats Constipation:

People suffering with constipation can drink aloe vera juice after which it is necessary to wait for about 10 minutes to see the result, also this juice is known to help in bowel movement and treating chronic constipation. However it is also suggested to see that this juice will not be taken in larger quantities which otherwise will cause damage to the intestine lining.

Anti Aging:

Aloe vera has been a primary component of many skin products that help in retaining youthfulness. The added support of aloe in any skin cream enhances its function as a wrinkle fader and skin rejuvenator. The anti-aging properties work on the skin and keep it fresh, supple, wrinkle-free, and bright. The properties of aloe make it penetrate quickly within the various layers of the skin, even to the muscles of the body.

Reduces Arthritis Pain:

Aloe is noted for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties that work instantly on the pain and swelling resulting from arthritis. Its juice is also extremely effective in calming the swelling and inflammation that are closely associated with arthritis. In fact, topical application, drinking aloe juice or eating aloe vera, its pills or capsules all show positive results in curing arthritis pain.

Can Be Used As A Dental Remedy

Aloe Vera gel can be used to remove plaque from teeth, and to prevent the overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. This also assists with prevention of dental caries, reduces incidence of gingivitis, and in conjunction with a chlorhexidine (2) based mouthwash can form an effective oral mouth rinse.

Speeds Up Burn Healing:

Burns are complex to deal with, as you have to balance controlling bacterial infestation with natural healing and trying to soothe discomfort as much as possible. While aloe Vera gel application has been used traditionally for centuries to heal burns, it would be smarter to use it as an adjuvant to other medical therapies for burn management. The cooling sensation of aloe Vera gel makes it perfect to apply when barrier dressings are not indicated (such as ointments), as it still allow the skin to naturally cool and breathe.

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Treat Diabetes:

If aloe vera juice is taken for 3 continuous months it has been proved that this will help in treating diabetes by having a check on the sugar levels. Apart from controlling diabetes it is also known to increase blood circulation and taking a reverse turn of sludge blood.

Relieves Joint & Muscle Pain:

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help it to work efficiently on joint and muscle pains. Applying aloe gel topically eases inflammation of the joints. Eating aloe vera, its capsules, or drinking its juice can reduce inflammation throughout the body, thus proving to be revitalizing. In some studies, it has been reported that people who regularly consume aloe vera juice for at least two weeks experience a significant improvement in inflammation issues. However, it works efficiently when your diet contains less intake of red meat, sugar, milk, fried foods, and white flour.

Aloe Vera For Men:

It can be effectively used as an aftershave lotion because of its healing properties. It can treats small cuts caused by shaving. So, it is useful for both women and men.

Aloe Vera For Acne Treatment:

Aloe Vera gel possesses two hormones – Auxin and Gibberellin that provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these properties, it can be used to reduce inflammation, blistering and itchiness. Gibberellin in aloe vera acts as a growth hormone. It not only promotes the growth of new skin cells, but also stimulates the skin to heal quickly and causing minimal scarring. Whereas, it does not completely cure the acne but it reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin effectively. You can also use it to prevent the triggering of pimples and acne.

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Alleviate Menstrual Pain:

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the uterus typically contracts in pulsatile, painful fashion to get rid of unfertilized egg. This pain can range from minor to debilitating from woman to woman, but what is almost universal is the desire to numb the pain. One way to do so is to use an anti-spasmodic that reduces the frequency of unwanted cramps. Aloe Vera consumption can act via this mechanism, reducing overall pain load.

Alleviates Nausea:

Nausea can occur due to a host of reasons, including consuming contaminated food, having a virus or flu, or even due to chemotherapy treatments. Oftentimes, feelings of nausea originate from disorders in the stomach or in the digestive tract. Aloe vera juice is excellent for a sick stomach and makes you feel better by bringing a calm feeling throughout the body.

Lowers Cholesterol:
aloe vera

Aloe vera gel, when used internally, automatically improves blood quality and thus helps in re-balancing the other components in it like cholesterol and glucose. It effectively lowers cholesterol and total triglyceride content.

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