See what happens when your metabolism is slow


See what happens when your metabolism is slow, before we go into that, Your metabolism is the process by which your body burns energy for basic bodily functions such as your heartbeat, brain function, and breathing. Since your metabolism burns food for fuel, those with a fast metabolism can seemingly eat whatever they want and not gain weight, while those with a slow metabolism have to work that much harder to lose or maintain their weight.

Even after eating healthy, exercising, and you’re still piling on the pounds? this could mean you’re having a slow metabolism. Have you been counting calories meticulously, hitting the gym, getting plenty of sleep, and still not seeing the size budge? It may not be your fault based on dietary measures you have taken; your inability to shed those stubborn pounds could be because of a slow metabolism.

See what happens when your metabolism is slow.

Always Feeling Tired:

With your body burning energy at a slower rate, this will cause you to feel fatigued more frequently. Aside from weight troubles, fatigue is the most common sign of a slow metabolism.

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