Presidential Fleets: How APC Stalwarts escaped chopper crash

APC stalwarts chopper crashed

A Presidential Fleet helicopter that crashed at Kabba stadium in Kogi state narrowly missed Senator Smart Adeyemi and several of his loyalists in the area, it has been gathered.

One of his close loyalists, Dare Olayemi, said Senator Smart Adeyemi, who lost his wife few months ago, was in a Coaster bus that the helicopter almost crashed upon on Saturday.

“By all definition, the crash, the safety of VP Osinbajo and the fact that there was no casualty constitute a very strange miracle.

“I was among those who brought out the Vice President through the window of the crashed chopper; the man did not sustain a single bruise and he went ahead straightaway to launch the Tradermoni as earlier planned.

“About thirty minutes earlier, a police helicopter which appeared to be an advance party had landed.

“The Vice President’s helicopter appear to be shiny and in spectacular condition – far more impressive to look at than the previous one.

“My leader, Senator Adeyemi and several others were in a Coaster bus when we suddenly realised that the pilot had lost control.

“Were it not for God’s timely intervention and the pilot’s reaction, our bus could have become a trap in a stadium built by Senator Adeyemi for his people few years ago.

“The surging crowd made it difficult for the bus to move and when the helicopter crashlanded, losing one side, some of us rushed to help but other than the VP, I can’t recognise faces of others in the helicopter.

“It was indeed, a very strange miracle that none in the crowd and none of the helicopter occupants suffered any injury

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“Minutes afterwards, the Vice President carried on with the Tradermoni event as if the shocking and unprecedented spectacle that we all witnessed earlier, with our hearts in our mouth, was a non-event,” the Kabba indigene stated.

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