First Robotic Car Cab Finally Out (AUTONOM)

Robotized Cab

NAVYA has launched AUTONOM CAB, the first robotized production cab on the market. Autonomous, personalized and shared, this unique mobility solution provides an answer to urban mobility’s major challenges.

In a short space of time, an increase in urban populations has led to an increase in the use of cars and the accidents that go with them, an increase in traffic congestion in and around cities, and an increase in CO2-emissions. All of these consequences raise the question of how to manage urban mobility.

  • In 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be concentrated in cities
  • Over 1 billion cars are currently in use around the world
  • In 2016, drivers spent more than 65 hours in traffic jams in Paris, far behind Moscow (91 hours) and Los Angeles (104 hours) (source: INRIX 2016 study)
  • 3 million deaths are caused every year around the world by car accidents (source: World Health Organization (WHO))
  • The WHO predicts that in 2030, 2.3 million people will die as a result of a road accident
  • Outdoor air pollution, partly a result of automobile traffic, causes 2.6 million deaths each year around the world (source: WHO)

To ease road congestion in city centers and provide an answer to the demand for first and last mile service, a new mobility solution must be conceived.

As a pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA has conceived, developed and produced the AUTONOM CAB, the very first autonomous, personalized and shared mobility solution. The cab was designed from the outset to be autonomous, just like all the vehicles in the AUTONOM range, meaning that there is no cockpit, steering wheel nor pedals.

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Fluid, Continuous, and Effective Service

At the heart of the smart city, AUTONOM CAB provides an intelligent transport service for individual trips in urban centers. Able to carry 1 to 6 passengers, AUTONOM CAB is a fluid, continuous and effective solution that answers user expectations in terms of service before, during and after their trip.

Available as either a private or shared service, AUTONOM CAB places an emphasis on conviviality and comfort. On board, passengers can for example choose to work, benefiting from fully connected technology, or partake in an interactive cultural visit of the city. They can also choose a playlist, or buy their cinema or museum tickets.

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