Do You Want To Live A Supernatural Life? Here’s How You Can…

supernatural life

This great power from God is made manifest in us when we crucify our old lives, by this we attain to the supernatural life which we desire as we nail our old sin patterns to death on the cross through submission to His will.

To the degree we agree with Him and do that, it’s no longer the darkened old you who lives, but Christ who lives within you, radiating His glory and power through your life. You will become like a prism, reflecting His holiness, goodness, mercy, love and power for the world around you to see.

When this takes place, you will truly become more than a conqueror in Jesus (Romans 8:37). Through His mighty Son Power, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible before knowing Him!

Jesus offers you power for living!

Just as the sun is the source of life for the earth, we find that Jesus is the source of our relationship with God. Just as the earth cannot recreate what the sun provides, we cannot recreate for ourselves salvation, eternal life, or the power we need to live our lives for God′s purposes. We need Jesus′ power in order to live in harmony with God′s will for our lives. Only Jesus′ divine power and precious promises enable us to tap into the supernatural power God offers us. As believers, our life is to revolve around the Son.

The Son-powered life enables us to not only experience the very nature of God now, accomplishing all that he desires for us here on earth, but also empowers us to look forward confidently to the rewards that we will experience in heaven.

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This video will give you insight into understanding God’s power (Son Power) that is at work within us through faith in the Son of God and man.

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