Show of shame as a stranger man licked, kisses CBC reporter on live TV

Sexual Assualt on chris Glover

It’s a weird situation as Chris Glover got his ear licked by a total stranger on live TV, Glover on his own after incident has tried to play it down but other CBC reporter are not having it. Though Glover went on to file a police report, but the culprit called on a radio programme to apologies and this’ is what he’s got to say…

There is no excuse for my behaviour last night. I’m guilty of everything. … I am an idiot, and there’s something wrong with me. I’m not making excuses. I want to apologize to the stand-up community in Canada and, of course, the reporter who was doing his job. 

Read what other people got to say as they watch the video…

And Glover has this to say afterward….

It was humiliating for me to be exposed and vulnerable on live TV like that, and to have somebody take advantage of me in that situation. I have been overwhelmed with the support that I’ve received from other journalists, politicians, certainly comedians as well who have reached out to me to say that what happened to me was wrong.

I believe that other people go through far worse and are violated in far worse ways, and I have seen so many of my female colleagues have this happen to them again and again – whether it’s things being thrown at them or yelled at them – it’s something that, I think, it seems like a lot of people who have been writing to me and writing on social media have had enough of.

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