Adopt Nigerianism now and see growth-says a Septuagenarian

Adopt nigerianism

Nigerians charged to adopt Nigerianism and to avoid ethnic oriented pursuits and fight for the oneness of the country in order to see growth.

Leader of the Common Man’s Revolution (CCR), Pa Edward Nikagbatse-Oki, who gave the charge in a statement issued and circulated in Warri on Sunday, also charged all Nigerians in all the states of the country to go all out next Saturday and cast their votes for only candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Nikagbatse-Oki, who has championed the dual vehicles of the progressive ideology; Ballot Box Revolution (BBR)/Common Man’s Revolution (CCR) for decades, said the crux of the revolution is for all Nigerians to see themselves as one people, in a common struggle he identified as ‘Nigerianism’.

He noted that right from the point in the history of Nigeria, where leaders of the various ethnic structures merged for forge the one country called Nigeria, agreed at the independence conference in London in 1959, all other ethnic considerations gave way to one indivisible identity called Nigeria.

“Common man and Nigerians in general, practice Nigerianism. It is the ideology that runs the ballot box/common man’s revolution. You are first and foremost a Nigerian. After living together for almost 45 years (1914-1959) as Nigerians, our founding fathers went to London to negotiate the Independence of Nigeria, not otherwise.

“At the constitutional conference in London at Lancaster House, they denounced their respective Hausa/Fulani Emirate, Igbo/Biafra, Yoruba/Oduduwa, Bini, Izon, Itsekiri/Iwere, Urhobo, Isoko, Ibibio and so on independencies. They opted for one indivisible Nation – Nigeria.

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“To you, the true Nigerians (born from 1st of October, 1960 to date), practice Nigerianism, shun ethnocentric, hate and inciting speeches and actions. Believe in Nigeria, don’t pay lip service to Nigeria. Think Nigeria. Talk Nigeria. Walk Nigeria. Love Nigeria. Keep Nigeria united. Defend and protect Nigeria. Develop Nigeria for the good of the common man. Make Nigeria and Nigerians the envy and pride of Africa, the black race and the world”, he called.

Speaking on the coming governorship and House of Assembly elections, Nikagbatse-Oki “all the APC gubernatorial and House of Assemblies candidates are the common man’s candidates for the March 9th elections”.

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