Female Condoms, good or bad? see facts here.

female condoms, facts

The female condom, a lubricated pouch that can be inserted into the vagina, it tends to place you in control of your sex life, relationship and health.

We’re going to take a look at the facts about using the female condom and see how good or bad the female condoms are.

Fact 1. For some women, the female condom can cause irritation of the vagina, vulva, penis or anus. It may also reduce a pleasurable sensation during intercourse and/or the condom may slip into the vagina during vaginal intercourse, or into the anus during anal intercourse.

Please note: Many women and their partners can use female condoms without any of these problems, but consult with a physician if you have any concerns about using the condom. 

Fact 2. Female condoms prevent both pregnancy and STIs and allow women to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their sexual health. Some women report boosted self-esteem when they use female condoms, which can increase comfort and enhance sex.

You can insert the female condom up to eight hours before getting it on, so there’s no need to ask a partner to put on a condom in the heat of the moment. Being proactive about your own condom use ensures that there’s protection—no matter where your sexual adventures take you.

Fact 3. The female condom is made with nitrile (a synthetic rubber that is protective against diseases and a great alternative for people with latex allergies), and are available at a local drugstore, supermarket, or Planned Parenthood health center.

Fact 4. It’s true that female condoms are designed for women to wear. But it takes two to tango, and research shows that men like female condoms. Female condoms aren’t tight on the penis, and they don’t inhibit or dull sensation like male condoms. Some men appreciate the opportunity to share responsibility for dual protection and not always have to be the person wearing the condom.

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Fact 5. Using the female condom is a safe and easy method to use during sex and LindsaySean and Anastasia provide testimonies on Bedsider.org to take a closer look into what it’s like using the condom with their partners.

Fact 6. The female condom is the only available woman-initiated method designed to provide “dual protection” from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and could go a long way in addressing unmet need among women.

An estimated 222 million women in developing countries want to prevent pregnancy but aren’t using contraception. Why? Fear of side effects or infrequent sex are two of the main concerns—both which could be addressed by female condoms because they don’t contain hormones and can be used only when needed. HIV is the leading cause of death and disability among women of reproductive age globally, underscoring the need for prevention tools designed with women’s realities in mind. Female condoms can put the power of protection in women’s hands right now.

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