Soursop Health Benefits And Nutritional Values


Soursop health benefits and nutritional values includes suppressing cancer, supporting eye health, relieving inflammation, managing diabetes, promoting health of stomach and digestive tract, kills intestinal parasites, relieving pain, reducing stress load, reliving respiratory tract ailments, promoting liver health, and boosting immunity.

Understanding What Soursop are.

Soursop offering the tang of strawberries and pineapples with the sweet twist of bananas and some citrus undertones, soursop is no novice in Latin America, India, and Africa.

Also known as graviola, guanabana, guyabano, cherimoya, paw-paw, sirsak, and prickly custard apple, soursop is a clustered fruit of the evergreen tree Annona muricata. Not only have the fruits of this tree found their way into syrups, candies, beverages, ice creams, cakes, sorbet, and shakes, but have also firmly infused themselves into folk medicine,

Soursop health benefits and nutritional values has not only placed this fruit in higher ground but into the very heart of health world.

Annonaceous acetogenins (AGEs), derivatives of long chain fatty acids, seem to be the magic components of this ethno-popular tree. They are present in the leaves, barks, seeds, roots, and fruits and are likely to play a huge part in soursop’s diverse medicinal uses.

Soursop Health Benefits.

Stronger Immune System:

Soursop has many excellent properties that are essential to keep your immune system strong. These properties kill the free radicals and secure your immune system is at optimum wellbeing, so it can successfully perform its functions like warding off diseases.

Osteoporosis Prevention:

By eating one Soursop daily, it will help strengthen the bones and prevent bone and joint diseases such as osteoporosis, because it is rich in calcium and phosphorous.

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Can Kill Intestinal Parasites:

Drugs that kill intestinal worms are known as anti-helminthic, which is what soursop leaf extract can be called. The extract made from soursop leaves was found to be able to kill both adult worms as well as their larvae, which is something not many prescription anti-parasitic drugs do.

Note: Though it needs to be standardized into a dose that is approved for use for this purpose, so far the results via studies are promising.

Helps Relieve Inflammation:

Though soursop combats inflammation in cells by virtue of its high anti-oxidant content, this refers to more direct inflammation, such as that in arthritis. Various other parts of the soursop plant have also been used traditionally by natives of Central and South America to treat inflammation brought about by snake bites, although it must not be mistaken as an antidote.

Help Stomach And Digestive Tract:

Soursop consumption is associated with decreased stomach ulcer development, as it helps strengthen the structural integrity of the mucus linings on these organs, important as they are subject to the effect of hydrochloric acid from the stomach.

Soursop also helps decrease the effects of oxidation on these organs, possibly helping to offset chronic diseases afflicting them, such as irritable bowel disease and Crohn’s. Soursop may also offer a safeguard against the stomach bacteria Pylori, which is implicated in a significant amount of stomach cancer cases and gastric ulcers.

Increased Energy:

Soursop can keep your body active and energized, because of its beneficial properties. If you consume it regularly, you will not feel lethargic all day.

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Treats Insomnia:

Soursop tea has been used as a stress relieving strategy for centuries. There are certain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of soursop that make it very effective if you are suffering from excessive stress and anxiety. Stress hormones in the body can be detrimental and can mess with your natural metabolic cycles, as well as your sleep schedule. If you’re suffering from insomnia or restless sleep, soursop tea is a wise choice.

Analgesic Properties:

In terms of pain relief, soursop has been topically applied to wounds and injuries for generations but also works internally to relieve pain and speed healing. The sedative and anti-inflammatory aspects of this impressive tropical fruit make it an ideal solution for all types of body pain, both inside and out.

Kills Cancer Cells:

The prime reason for soursop gaining the scientific limelight is its strong anti-cancer effects. AGEs are selectively toxic to cancer cells, including multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines.

Relieves Respiratory Distress:

Patients suffering from respiratory ailments like a cough, cold, or other forms,  soursop’s anti-inflammatory properties can help clear out airways, relieve congestion, and soothe irritation. Used partially as an expectorant, soursop is a reliable way to eliminate phlegm and mucus, where many pathogens can live.

Soursop Nutritional Values.

Soursop, raw have 0 milligrams of Cholesterol and 0.3 grams of fat.

100 grams of Soursop, raw contain 66 calories, the 3% of your total daily needs.

100 grams of Soursop, raw contain 16.84 grams of carbohydrates, 3.3 grams of fiber, 1 grams of protein, 14 milligrams of sodium, and 81.16 grams of water

It also contains some important vitamins you can see below: Vitamin C (20.6 mg), Vitamin B-9 (14 mg) or Vitamin A (2 IU).

Nutritional ValueTable of Soursop, raw

per 100gr Daily value
Energy 66 kcal 3 %
Total fat 0.3 g 0 %
Carbohydrates 16.84 gr 6 %
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 14 mg 1 %
Water 81.16 mg 81.2 %
Protein 1 g 2 %
Vitamin A 2 IU 0 %
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin C 20.6 mg 34 %
Vitamin D
Vitamin E 0.08 mg 1 %
Vitamin K 0.4 mg 1 %
Vitamin B-1 0.07 µg 5 %
Vitamin B-2 0.05 mg 3 %
Vitamin B-3 0.9 mg 5 %
Vitamin B-5 0.25 mg 3 %
Vitamin B-9 14 mg 4 %
Calcium 14 mg 1 %
Iron 0.6 mg 3 %
Potassium 278 mg 6 %
Phosphorus 27 mg 3 %
Sodium 14 mg 1 %
Zinc 0.1 mg 1 %
Copper 0.08 mg 4 %
Selenium 0.6 µg 1 %
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People with low levels of vitamin in diet can suffer deficiency diseases. Vitamins are really important substances for the body’s health. For this reason we recommend you maintain a balanced vitamins intake.

The essential vitamins present in Soursop, raw are: Vitamin C (20.6 mg), Vitamin B-9 (14 mg) and Vitamin A (2 IU).

There are 2 kinds of minerals your body needs: macrominerals and microminerals. Your body needs larger amounts of macrominerals than trace minerals. Prominent Macrominerals or major minerals are Sodium, Potassium, Calcium or Magnesium. The trace or Micromineral group is made up of iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium.

Potassium (278 mg), Phosphorus (27 mg) and Magnesium (21 mg) are some of the minerals present in Soursop, raw.

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